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Le Testament d'un excentrique- 1899 

The Will of an Eccentric - 1900

61 illustrations (Georges Roux)

[Voyages Extraordinaires #46 - 2 Volumes - Les Deux Ameriques]

Image used with permission from
Project Jules Verne Illustrations by Bernhard Krauth,

(J-M Margot)
Jules Verne

Alternate English Titles:
    The Will of an Eccentric
    William J Hypperbone, or the Will of An Eccentric (from Boys Own Annual)

Plot Synopsis: 
(courtesy of D. Kytasaari -

William J. Hypperbone, an eccentric millionaire, living in Chicago, has left the sum of his fortune, $60,000,000, to the first person to reach the end of "The Noble Game of the United States of America." The game he devised is based upon the board game "The Noble Game of Goose"; however, in his version, the players are the tokens and the game board is the United States. The contestants are Max Real (with his companion Tommy); Tom Crabbe (with his trainer John Milner); Hermann Titbury (with his wife Kate); Harris T. Kymbale (on his own); Lizzie Wag (with her friend Jovita Foley); Hodge Urrican (with his companion Turk) and the mysterious player only known as "XKZ." And who is this mysterious "XKZ" who was added to the game by a codicil to the will? Time and completion of the game will tell.

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First English
Serial Form
Jules Verne Encyclopedia:
"This work appeared in The Boy's Own as William J. Hypperbone in issues found in annual volume 22, which covered the period from October 7, 1889 through September 29, 1900."

William J Hypperbone
or The Will of An Eccentric

Boys Own Paper

Annual Volume #22
in 30 installments

First UK Editon:

Jules Verne Encyclopedia:
"In October 1900, Sampson Low published the first British edition of The Will of an Eccentric, in crown 8vo., fully illustrated, and priced at 6s."

The Will of an Eccentric
Sampson Low, Marston and Company Ltd.

408 pages
Gray and Green and ? covers show

"Board" of "The Noble Game of the United States"
instrumental in the storyline is the frontispiece of this volume.

First US Edition: Never published in the United States!!!
Other Editions:

Jules Verne Encyclopedia:
"In September 1902, Sampson Low published a Cheap Edition of The Will of an Eccentric, in crown 8vo., with 20 illustrations, and priced at 2s6d."

The Will of an Eccentric
Sampson Low, Marston and Company Ltd.

Cheap Edition

Frontispiece is the Game board

nd? - 1906 Jules Verne Encyclopedia:
"For Christmas 1906, Sampson Low published this title in the fully illustrated uniform copyright edition, priced at 2s6d. The Sampson Low edtions have a foldout gameboard map of the United States."

The Will of an Eccentric
Sampson Low, Marston and Company Ltd.

This entry not in the Jules Verne Encyclopedia

The Will of an Eccentric
Grant Educational Co Ltd

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1986 Jules Verne Encyclopedia:
"A new translation by Francoise R. DeLage Mendelsohn in collaboration with Elizabeth Birkelund Oberbeck was made in 1986 and copyrighted, although it does not appear to have been published."

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