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Jules Verne Monument, Amiens

The following image is a photograph of the Monument to Jules Verne.
It is located in a park in Amiens, France (a city north-east of Paris).

It was designed by Albert-Dominique Roze and was inaugurated May 9, 1909

Jules Verne's Monument

Amiens Monument Postcards

Jules Verne Monument, Nantes

The following images are of the Monument to Jules Verne, in the town of his birth, Nantes, France.
Like in Amiens, this monument is located in a public park.

It was designed by George Bareau (1866-1931) and was inaugurated May 29, 1910

Jules Verne's Monument Jules Verne's Monument

This picture shows where the monument is situated in the park.
Jules Verne's Monument
Nantes Monument Postcards
Jules Verne's Monument

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