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Jules Verne's Tomb, Amiens, France

"Vers l'Immortalite et l'Eternelle jeunesse"

Tomb (Photographs and Postcards) Amiens and Nantes Monuments

The following are images of the Tomb of Jules Verne. It is located in the Madeleine cemetery (cimetiere de la Madeleine) in Amiens, France (a city north-east of Paris). It is very impressive, showing the figure of Jules Verne emerging from the tomb, pushing the tomb's slab back, stretching his hand out to the heavens! It was designed by Albert-Dominique Roze (1861-1952) , and was erected on the grave in 1907.

The title of the sculpture is "Vers l'Immortalite et l'Eternelle jeunesse" (Towards Immortaility and Eternal Youth)
(Note: these words do not appear anywhere on the tomb itself)

Jules Verne's Tomb
To reach the tomb, you walk down a long road... Then turn left, and tucked in among the trees,
it stands
Jules Verne's Tomb
Jules Verne's Tomb
Jules Verne's Tomb
(A detail of Verne's supporting hand!)

Tomb Postcards + Images

Sepia photograph

225 AMIENS - Le Tombeau de Jules Verne - LL.
Levy-fils-et-cie No. 225

2016 - AMIENS (Somme) - Le tombeau de Jules Verne
R.P. Jules Verne's tombe

Same card as at left, but descriptive text all on 1 line

IRIS 80-021-158

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