Phileas Fogg - Fine Foods from Around the World
(circa 1995)

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Pay Attention! Deliciously light strips of golden corn, seasoned with Italian tomatoes and basil.
Day 11 
Pisa, 16th May 
Dear Diary 
Today we finally arrived in Pisa, a singular town much famed for its tower which leans at a most precarious angle. However before we set out to inspect this wonderful monument, we stopped at an enchanting caffe to appease our hunger before luncheon. There, we sampled an Italian delicacy name Chicettas which had a rich tomato and basil flavour. Imagine our surprise when during our appetising snack, a domestic quarrel broke out between the signora of the caffe and her amorous suitor. We immediately vacated the caffe on a wooden cart drawn by a bad tempered ass named, rather aptly, Caligula. Later, much to our surprise we observed a passing hot air balloon, filled with the delicious Italian beef tomatoes used to flavour one variety of these snacks. Tomorrow I am determined to search out the four cheese Chicettas, newly arrived from Venice. Our arduous journey was clearly worthwhile after all!
Pay Attention! Deliciously light strips of golden corn, seasoned with four Italian cheeses.
Day 14 
Venice, 19th May 
Dear Diary 
We arrived in Venice early this morning, having journeyed through the rural tranquility of Tuscany on our way from Pisa. This enchanting city was an improvement even on the delights we had just enjoyed, and Passepartout and I set out at once to explore. However, whilst we were enjoying our tour of the city through the network of canals, Passepartout was involved in a most unfortunate accident. His long gondolier's pole became ensnared in the plentiful reeds within the seemingly quiet, tranquil waters. Within minutes I had drifted too far to be of any practical assistance and he had to swim ashore! Fortunately, a kindly signora took pity on his plight and revived his spirits with a bowl of Chicettas, flavoured with a delicious blend of Italian cheeses. Luckily he assures me he is sufficiently fortified to continue our journey.
Pay Attention! Authentic Chilli Tostaditas made with the finest stoneground maize to a rather old Mexican recipe.
Day 55 
Mexico City, 29th June 
Dear Diary, 
Our first day in Mexico heralded a most embarassing misunderstanding. In dire need of refreshment, we stopped at a small hostlry en route to Mexico City where we partook of these splendid Tortilla Chips, traditional Mexican savouries seasoned with delicious spices. The cufuffle arose when I attempted to order a dish of tantalising Salsa dip to complement our Tortillas. One's Spanish, however, is somewhat elementary, and after a most bamboozling conversation with the proprietor, it transpired, that one had, in fact, purchased a small chihuahua called 'Pedro'. 
An attempt to vacate the establishment without the tiny creature proved a fruitless exercise, and the three of us were bound to share a stage heading north. However, as a consequence of the said animal's infernal yapping, we were chased by every bandit and miscreant in the vicinity. Indeed as I write this entry, wondering what a dish of Salsa dip must taste like, 'Pedro' sits opposite...watching, waiting. Blast!
Pay Attention! Thankfully Cool Tostaditas made with the finest stoneground maize and absolutely nothing too hot and spicy.
Day 57 
Somewhere in Mexico, 1st July 
Dear Diary, 
I really haven't the foggiest notion as to our whereabouts. Alas, my one and only map of Mexico now resides in the belly of the monstrous beast I have been forced to 'ride' for the past two days. (One's posterior suffered greatly from saddle chaffing.) Indeed, the creature would doubtless attempt to devour Passepartout, given half the chance. 
Fortunately, unbeknownst to my four-legged friend, I have secured handsome quantities of exquisite local Tortilla Chips, a judicious blend of gentle spices and sour cream. Thankfully mild, they are more aromatic that hot and serve as a refreshing change to some of their fiery cousins. 
I am convinced the flavour could be greatly enhanced by plunging one into the fine dip concoction I discovered in the East. Ah, India. How I preferred the magnificent elephant as a means of conveyance. Truly, I fear I cannot travel another day on this wretched mule. Oh, for the softness of a plump cushion.
Pay Attention! Deliciously light Tortilla Chips made with the finest stoneground white maize.
Day 67 
El Paso, 11th July 
Dear Diary, 
Passepartout and I made a short detour from the El Paso track to communicate with a jolly band of Mexicans enjoying a campfire supper. Naturally, I graciously accepted their invitation to join them, whereupon we were treated to an old Mexican song about two foreign travellers who get eaten by a vicious chihuahua! Rather scary, I thought. 
We then sampled a splendidly crispy tortilla that the Mexicans call Tortilla Blanca. Fashioned from white corn, these Tortilla Chips are extremely ight and crispy with a delicate Soured Cream and Spring Onion seasoning. 
I also recall a delicious Mexican Bean dip - a blend of sour cream and kidney beans, locally known as Frijole con Creme, as I later learnt. 
The feast over, Passepartout attempted to thank our hosts by performing a snake charming trick he learnt in India. Sadly, this does not appear to work with rattlesnakes!
Packaging copyright Derwent Valley Foods, 1995
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