Phileas Fogg: Fine Foods from Around the World
Snack Food

Fine Foods from Around the World
(registered trademark, Derwent foods)
Fine Foods from Around the World
(registered trademark, Derwent foods)



(registered trademark, Derwent foods)

(registered trademark, Derwent foods)

(all packaging, trademark Derwent Foods)

(all packaging, trademark Derwent Foods)
This line of products was manufactured by Derwent Valley Foods Limited, Durham, England.  
Many of the products in this line had a "worldly name": Shanghia Nuts, Java Crackers, California Chips, etc. Each foil package had the distinctive "Phileas Fogg" logo, and had a scene on the front, showing an exotic location and on the back a story as told by Phileas Fogg, writing home to his Aunt Agatha! Each story began "My Dearest Aunt Agatha" and was signed "Your affectionate and respectful nephew, Phileas Fogg". 
The packaging was a fine combination of "antique flair" and "modern advertising". 

In a response to my February 1986 inquiries about the use of the name Phileas Fogg on their products, Derwent Foods marketing replied: 

"... The name was chosen after some consideration as it was felt Jules Verne's character seemed the most appropriate for a British company producing "Fine Foods from Around the World." 
Mignons Morceaux, Shanghai Nuts, Tortilla Chips and California Corn Chips constitute our current range which we are planning to increase although, as yet, there are no new products ready for the market.Regarding your query on copyright, this runs out on the book after 100 years, however, use of the name Phileas Fogg cannot be put under copyright - it can only be registered as a trade mark. ... "  

The original line of products was introduced in 1985/86 and was comprised of the above mentioned products. This line was eventually expanded to include at least one more product, the Java Crackers. 

At some point, around 1995, the packaging was redesigned. The new look had a redesigned "Phileas" logo, and the story on the back, was now addressed "Dear Diary" instead of "My Dearest Aunt Agatha". 
British Airways used the "Phileas Fogg Fine Foods ..." snacks on their trans-atlantic flights. Small packages suitable for airline snacks were specially produced! 
Note: In 1993, United Biscuits of the U.K. aquired Derwent Valley Foods. 
Derwent Valley Foods still produces, and is still expanding the Phileas Fogg line of snacks! 

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All Packaging the registered trademark of Derwent Foods, 1996
(All Images on this page, scanned from original packaging I own.)
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