Hier et Demain - 1910 

Yesterday and Tomorrow - YYYY

(J-M Margot)
Jules Verne

This is a collection of short stories published after the death of Jules Verne. 
The stories include:
    The Eternal Adam (Now attributed to Michel Verne), The Fate of Jean Morenas, An Ideal City, Ten Hours Hunting, Frritt-Flacc, Gil Braltar, In the Twentyninth Century, Mr Ray Sharp and Miss Me Flatt
Some stories have been published separately. 

Alternate "Yesterday and Tomorrow" or "Collected Stories" English Titles:

    Yesterday and Tomorrow
Titles of seperate short stories include:
Plot Synopsis:
(courtesy of D. Kytasaari - http://epguides.com/djk/JulesVerne/works.shtml)

A collection of short stories:

La Famille Raton (Mr. Rat and His Family)

A fairy tale story in which a family of rats eventually evolves and become human.
M. Ré-dièze et Mlle Mi-bémol (Mr. Ray Sharp and Miss Me Flat)
The small village of Kalfermatt, Switzerland is in trouble, as their organist, Eglisak, has gone deaf. Months of silence later, the organ is played again, when Master Effarane and his assistant come to town affecting some minor repairs and suggesting the installation of a children's register. Two of the village's children, Joseph Müller and Betty Clère find themselves a part of this register along with 14 other children. In this register, Joseph and Betty find themselves classified as Mr. Ray Sharp and Miss Me Flat.

La destinée de Jean Morénas (The Fate of Jean Morenas)

Jean Morénas is imprisoned for a crime that he did not commit and years later the real culprit of the crime makes arrangements so that Jean might escape from prison. With his newfound freedom, Jean returns back to his village to see if he can claim the woman he has always loved, Marguerite. Jean's love for Marguerite is so strong, that even when the opportunity comes for him to be able to denounce the person who framed him years earlier, Jean cannot for fear of hurting Marguerite.

Le Humbug (The Humbug)

An American con man claims to have a giant's forty-foot fossil skeleton as part of his collection.
When it comes time to display it, he claims some animals destroyed it, which ruins him.
However, this is part of his plan as a subscription list is opened for his benefit.

Au XXIXme Siecle: La Journée d'un Journaliste Américain en 2889 (In the Twenty-Ninth Century: The Day of an American Journalist in 2889)

25 July 2899, a day in the life of the director Francis Bennett of the "Earth Herald" is related.

NOTE: This story was written mostly by Michel.

L'Eternel Adam (The Eternal Adam)

In the distant future, Zartog Sofr-Ai-Sr discovers the journals of a man who with friends, associates and family was present at the end of the previous civilization. The journal reveals that the survivor of that civilization most certainly had an influence on the start of the one in Zartog currently lives. The civilization whose demise is documented is that of our present one.

NOTE: Mr. Rat and his Family and The Humbug were not included in some translated editions of Yesterday and Tomorrow.

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