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Jules Verne Signatures & Autographs
In this collection of web pages are gathered examples of Jules Verne's handwriting. These documents take the form of letters, notes, book inscriptions and autographs. They have been collected from various sources including images from Internet Auctions, and from private collections.

The dates on these examples range from 1852 (when Verne was working at the Opera Lyrique) to 1905, just months prior to Verne's death.

It is interesting to view these documents and especially to notice the generosity which they convey. Numerous of these signatures are on notes written back to individuals who wrote to Jules Verne simply asking for his autograph. It surprises me that Jules Verne took the time to write back to each of these individuals, giving them exactly what they asked for, a note with his autograph. In fact the majority of autographs for sale these days are such "autograph" notes, and each ones shows the politeness with which Verne responded to these requests.

Other documents shown here represent the daily life of Jules Verne, from matters dealing with the yacht St Michel to he and his wifes health, to his various travels, to requesting tickets to a show!

I would like to thank M. Ferrer for his assistance in transcribing the French content, and for providinga translation of some of the material as well. His help was invaluable in deciphering the often "muddy" copies that we had to work with.

On each page, an image of the item is presented, as well as any other related images. Following the original image, is a transcription of the French text. The transcription has line breaks where Verne had line breaks, thus allowing the reader to follow along on the original. Where the image of the original document is difficult to read the characters (?) appears. After the transcription of the original, an English translation is provided, again using line breaks where Verne had line breaks, allowing the reader to follow along.

Following the English translation, a section of Notes may provide details of the item shown, or background information putting the item in context.

Use the frame on the left to navigate to the specific signatures/dates, or use the "next" or "previous" arrows to navigate between the pages.


Andrew Nash

Signature Inventory

    1. 1852, April 14 - Letter From Verne requesting a ticket for a performance
    2. 1867, April 12 - Signatures of Jules and his brother Paul in the guest book at Niagara Falls
    3. 1869, November - Paris - Letter
    4. 187x - Jules Verne autograph used as cover art for Osgood, Boston editions
    5. 1878, January 1 - a dedication inscription to his nephew in a Hetzel copy of one of his books
    6. 188x - inscription in Hetzel book
    7. 1881, March - response to autograph request
    8. 1887 - September 26 -Note
    9. 18xx - letter re preparation of St Michel, mentioning wife's convalecence
    10. 18xx - portion of letter ripped from original
    11. 18xx, July 12 - letter
    12. 18xx - Autograph from a collection
    13. 1889 - July 12 - letter
    14. 1890, Nov - Book inscription
    15. 189x - Autographed postcard
    16. 1891, February - response to autograph request
    17. 1892, May 6 - letter
    18. 1894 - Note
    19. 1896, June 18 - Verne's calling card with 6 line inscription
    20. 1896, 27 Oct - letter to cousin Raymond
    21. 1897, Photo and Autograph, tpped into front of book
    22. 1897, (June 11) - Cabinet photo of Jules Verne
    23. 1897, June 11 - Cabinet photo of Honorine Verne
    24. 1897, August 1 - letter to Willis Hurd
    25. 1898 - dedication inscription printed by Hetzel in Clovis Dardentor
    26. 1899, April - cabinet photo of Jules Verne
    27. 1902, June - dedication inscription in Hetzel book
    28. 1902, October - Postcard with imprinted autograph
    29. 1903, May - letter
    30. 1903, July 11 - letter
    31. 1904, April - Autographed Postcard sent to Argentina
    32. 1905, January 1 - letter to cousin Raymond
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