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Translators & Collaborators

Of course, as you know, Jules Verne was a French author. Thus, any English book you read, has been translated from the French. There are good translators and poor translators. You must be careful because translators may take great liberties including editting out passages they find offensive, or too technical!

Translators / Collaborators
  • Anne T. Wilbur (1817-1864) (aka Anne T. Wilbur (her maiden name), Mrs. Annie T. Wood & Anne Toppan (Wilbur) Wood (her married name), Mrs. John Procter (also her married name?), Florence Leigh 
    • Translated:
      - A Voyage in a Balloon (1852)
      - The Pearl of Lima. A Story of True Love (1853) 
  • N. d'Anvers (18xx - ?) (aka Nancy Bell, Mrs. Arthur Bell) 
    • Translated:
      - The Fur Country (1873)
      - Around the World in 80 Days (1873) - a colaboration with George M. Towle 
  • Edward Baxter (19xx - ) (excellent translator I must add)
    • Translated:
      - The Fur Country (19xx)
      - Humbug (19xx) 
  • William Butcher (19xx - )   (excellent translator I must add)
    • Translated:
      - Around the World in 80 Days (19xx)
      - Journey to the Centre of the Earth (19xx)
      - Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (19xx)
      - Humbug (19xx) 
  • Walter James Miller (19xx)  (excellent translator I must add)
    • Translated:
      - From the Earth to the Moon (19xx)
      - Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (19xx) 
  • Mrs. Cashil Hooey ( ) 
    • Translated:
      - xxx
  • I. O. Evans 
    • Translated:
      - xxxx
  • Mercier Lewis 
    • Translated:
      - From the Earth to the Moon
  • Virginia Champlin 
    • Translated:
      - Adventures of a Chinaman in China (1889 and earlier, Lee and Shepard, New York) 

      Heather Amery
      Jacqueline and Robert Baldick
      P. F. R. Bashford
      Juliana Biro
      Arthur Chambers
      Erik De Mauny
      Isabel C. Fortey
      Ellen E. Frewer
      Charles F. Horne, PHD
      Richard Howard
      W. H. G. Kingston
      Miss Agnes D. Kingston
      William Lackland
      T. H. Linklater
      Frederick Amadeus Malleson
      Louis Mercier, M.A., & Eleanor E. King
      Walter James Miller & Frederick Paul Walter
      Ron Miller
      Edward Roth
      George Makepeace Towle
      Janice Valls-Russell
      Frederick Paul Walter
      Stephen W. White

  • Collaborators:
    • André Laurie (1845 - 1909) was the pseudonym of Paschal Grousset a French Politician and author. 
      L'épave du Cynthia (1885) was indicated as a collaboration when it was published by Jules Hetzel. Verne scholars now consider the book to be solely the work of André Laurie. It is believed that Jules Verne simply poroof-read the manuscript for Hetzel, and that it was a marketting ploy by Hetzel to have both names on the book.

      Laurie also wrote the original versions of Verne's The Begum's Fortune (1879) and The Southern Star Mystery (1884) 
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