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e·phem·er·on e·phem·er·a or e·phem·er·ons
  1. A short-lived thing.
  2. ephemera Printed matter of passing interest.
[Greek eph meron, mayfly, from neuter of eph meros, daily, short-lived. See ephemeral.]

Source: The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition, Copyright © 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

On this page, I bring together all the things that are not Jules Verne books. Many of these items, as the definition of Ephemera indicates, are short-lived. If someone did not have the foresight to save the item, it would be lost forever. It is up to the collector to preserve and catalogue such items, so that future generations can enjoy them, and know that they existed!
"Action" Figures
- Captain Nemo, etc.

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Audio Recordings Audio Recordings
Autographs/Signatures Autographs and Signatures
- of Jules Verne, on Notes and Letters
- related to Jules Verne
Carte de Visite Photos, Carte de Visite (CDV), Cabinet Photo
Cigar Bands Cigar Bands, Cigar Labels, Cigarette
and Other Cards
Coins, Medals, Medallions Coins, Medals and Medallions
Book Marks
Comic Books Comic Books
1955 DisneyLand Exhibit 1955 Disney - 20,000 Leagues Exhibit
Feves Feves
- Porcelain figurines
Games Games
- including Board games and Computer games
Hermes Scarf Hermes Scarf
- Around the World in 80 Days
Matches Matches
- 1978 Anniversary
Models Models
- Nautilus, Great Eastern, Albatross, etc.
Movie Posters, Lobby cards Movies
- including Movie Posters, Lobby Cards, etc.
Nellie Bly etc. Nellie Bly
- advertising, board games, books,
Obituaries   Obituaries
- from 1905, of course
Pens Pens
- by Waterman of Paris
Plates Plates - Porcelaine
- 1880 - by Creil Montereau - Tour du Monde design

- 1978 - by Michel de L'Ormeraie - Voyage Extraordinaires design
- 2000 - by Porcelaine de Sologne, Voyage Extraordinaires design
Postcards  Postcards 
- Images of Verne
- Images of Verne's Tomb and Monuments
- Images of Nantes & Amiens
Products & Packaging Product Packaging
- including Food & Cosmetics
Pulp Magazines Science Fiction Pulp Magazines
Stamps (Philatelic)

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Stereocards Stereocards
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